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Local directories used by Advanced Cobrowse Mode (ACB)
Answer ID 10411   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2018

Is Advanced Cobrowse Mode (ACB) storing files locally?


Oracle $$cobrowse (all versions) - Advanced $$cobrowse Mode (ACB)


Oracle Co-browse will launch Advanced Co-browse Mode (ACB) mode using two technologies depending on the environment:

1. Using ClickOnce technology, when end-user starts in IE/Edge browser and has Windows 10.
     In this case, all the necessary files will be located under %localappdata%\Apps\2.0;

2. Using alternative .NET launcher (llLauncher.exe).
     In this case, %temp% folder will be used to download .Net Client and extract the embedded dll files;

There are also log files being generated under %temp%\ll folder. 

For additional information, refer to the How Advanced Mode (ACB) Works section in online documentation. To access Oracle Co-browse documentation, please refer to the Implementing Standalone Co-browse .