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Necessary criteria for Advanced Routing to assign an incident to an agent
Answer ID 10397   |   Last Review Date 01/02/2019

What criteria is needed for Advanced Routing to assign an incident to an agent?


Advanced Routing of Incidents


This is with the assumption that Advanced Routing (SIH) is enabled correctly on your site and has worked in the past. 

The necessary criteria for Advanced Routing to assign an incident to an agent are as follows: 

  • The incident must be set to one of your Advanced Routing queues. Generally companies do this through business rules. You can verify the queue_id of your incident by viewing a report that looks at the incident i_id, ref_no, queue_id. 
  • An agent must be logged into Oracle B2C Service with the incident's skill set
    • The agent's skill set can be controlled through their profile or by the account editor. In each case, click on the Skills icon on the ribbon to see the skill sets associated with the profile as well as the account. The Skills editor has tabs for Product and Language. These Product Skills and Language Skills would have been setup prior from the Product Skills and Language Skills editor. 
  • That agent must have access to the incident's queue (per their profile)
    • Open the profile being used, Permissions -> Service tab, and view the Advanced Routing - Incident Queues listed or this profile. Then compare that to the incident's queue listed on the standard incident workspace under the Details tab. 
  • They must be below their inbox fill limit.
    • This is not straightforward to determine. The profile shows you Inbox Limit on the Service tab. To determine the number of incidents in their inbox, you may have a report that shows you or you can access the My Inbox (report ID 117) report for that agent.