What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 18C
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What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 18C?


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), new features


Do you have a deployed project created in an earlier version? There are a few things you should check.

The 18C release of Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service includes: 

Automate connections to other applications

There are three new REST services that can be used by system integrators to completely automate the process of moving projects through the policy deployment lifecycle. These REST APIs are:

  • Connections REST API - automates the creation and management of connections for any Policy Automation Hub environment to any application’s OPA web service connector endpoint. The connection settings configure properties such as service versions, URLs and authentication settings.
  • CORS Whitelist REST API - automates the creation, management, and deletion of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) whitelists, and integrating those steps with other authorization actions, if needed
  • SSL Certificates REST API - automates the management of any custom root certificates that are needed to ensure secure connections are recognized for OPA web service connections

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Personalize the interview for the end user’s language

A new locale function has been added which allows policy modelers to write rules and change interview behavior based on the user’s locale. This enables intuitive experiences in every language by providing images, policy material and site redirection that can be different per language. It also simplifies maintenance by having conditional logic that knows the interaction language for the user experience.

In addition, language aware list sorting is now available which ensures that translated lists of values appear in alphabetical order in the end user's language.

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Other enhancements

More to-one relationship collect control options

Interview designers can now provide a filtered drop down list or text buttons to select a product, or to make a selection from any other set of related objects in the application data model. This feature is beneficial for large data sets where filtering the entities is essential for efficient data entry. OPA interview extensions can be used for more advanced configuration.

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Specify year ranges relative to current year

Interview designers can now specify year ranges for multi-input date and datetime controls relative to the current year. Relative years are useful where the date range should be kept in synchronization with the current year and removes the need to update the control each new calendar year. A mixture of fixed and relative dates can be used.

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Create snapshot in command-line build tool

It is now possible to build deployable snapshots using the Oracle Policy Modeling command-line build tool (OPMBuild.exe). This enables the automation of the delivery lifecycle for changing policies.

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PDF form field font support

TrueType fonts are now supported in form fields in a PDF form template. (Previously, fonts used for form fields would only be embedded in the output PDF document if the font was a BI Publisher predefined font.) This improvement means that there will be a more consistent text appearance between the PDF form template and the generated PDF form.

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Separately deploy interview service from other web services

There are now two separate deployment options for web services:

  • Interview service - for deployments to the interview service, and
  • Assess services - for deployments to all other services (assess service, batch assess service and answer service).

This distinction enables the prevention of interview service deployment for projects that contain incompatible features.

Note that when a site is upgraded for the 18C release, any projects that are currently deployed to web service will be deployed to both assess services and interview service.

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For a list of issues addressed in this release, see the Policy Automation Change History (Active customers)

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