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Receive "Forward failed" message from Oracle B2C Service Admin console and Agent Browser UI
Answer ID 10359   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2018

Why are we receiving 'Forward(s) failed' message when trying to forward an incident?


Message Templates, Emails


When we try to foward an incident, we receive an error:

Forward(s) failed


This is likely because the Admin Forward Incident message template is not enabled. 

To resolve the error, navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates > Administrator Emails (Ribbon) > Expand the 'Incident' section and check the two boxes: 'Send' and 'HTML' near the 'Admin Forward Incident' template.

Next, ensure you are saving and deploying the changes: click the 'Save' button from the 'Ribbon', click the 'Deploy' link and 'Save' once again so the changes for the template will become live.