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Chats without an email address are considered anonymous in BUI
Answer ID 10317   |   Last Review Date 08/05/2019

Why aren't the contact's first and last name displayed in chat while on BUI?


Oracle B2C Service Browser User Interface (BUI) Console


Chats appear as "Anonymous" in the Browser User Interface (BUI) console, despite the fact that the end-user provided his first and last name before launching a chat.


The behavior in the BUI console is slightly different from the .NET console regarding anonymous chats.

In BUI, chats launched without an email address are considered Anonymous, meaning that the end-user's first and last names will not appear in the Interaction Workspace.

If on the chat_launch page from the Customer Portal, the email address has been made not required for launching a chat, then an end-user launching chats using only the first or last name will appear in the BUI console as "Anonymous". The Chat Panel and the Interaction Workspace both display the "Anonymous" label, while the contact will be listed with the "anonymous@anonymous.invalid" email address.

Despite being provided in the chat_launch page, the First Name and Last Name fields will remain blank.