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Managing and Monitoring OSvC Health
Answer ID 10302   |   Last Review Date 07/12/2018

author Owen Sood-Giddings
When I asked our Operations Team Lead, Owen Sood-Giddings, if he could show customers how his team keeps our instance of the Oracle Service Cloud healthy and our team members happy, he jumped at the chance to discuss service and system metrics, error review and management, identification and removal of unused assets as well as as methods for keeping the site up to date. Go here to watch the recorded webinar. 

Owen has attached a zipped filed with our SiteDown Pinger. It's a tool used to notify our agents when an unassigned site down is received. It contains addin code for the alert tool at the bottom of the console notifying an agent when an alert has been hit. It also contains the php code that generates the alerts and can be reused for almost any purpose by just changing the ROQL query. is used to monitor  the asset usage in a system. In the file, you'll find: 
  • PHP code that is running reports and saving the results into a CBO
  • An export of the relevant CBOs
  • The definitions for the reports the PHP code is running
  • A csv containing what's in the meta data CBO table
As Owen mentioned in the webinar, we don't offer warranty on any shared resources. Please make sure to review and update as needed.

Please visit our OSvC Support Webinar page to see what's next on our schedule or suggest a topic for a future webinar.
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