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Staff account won't show up in Authoring
Answer ID 10300   |   Last Review Date 10/25/2021

How do I make new staff accounts appear in Authoring under Console Users?


  • Authoring, Console Users list
  • Only Oracle B2C Service sites with optional Knowledge Advanced component enabled
  • All versions


I created a staff account and can't see it in Authoring > Console Users to make account-level changes.


Any of the following.

Staff member can do one of the these:

  • Log into Agent Browser UI
  • Log into Agent Desktop and open the Knowledge window or any of the knowledge base tools (Authoring, Collection Setup, etc.)
  • Log into any customized client application that authenticates the user 

Administrator can:

  • Run the shadow account batch job. This is found in Authoring > Tools > Shadow Account > Configure. Click Schedule. Wait for the IMBatchJobFifteenMin utility to run. It runs every 15 minutes.


Knowledge Advanced does not query the accounts table directly. A console or web user record is created or updated (as appropriate) in the okcs_users table whenever that user authenticates.


Queuing the shadow account job requires the system administrator role. The job can also be set to run nightly at the same location in Authoring. In addition to shadowing new users, the job also inactivates deleted and permanently disabled accounts.

Managing console users and the system administrator role are discussed in the online documentation under Manage Users. The documentation for the version you are using is always linked at Answer ID 8156: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced.