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Answer editor undo button in source view
Answer ID 10282   |   Last Review Date 03/05/2019

Should 'Undo' button work in Source View in Answer editor?


Answers, Workspaces, HTML Answer Editor
Oracle B2C Service, 18A and newer


In the Oracle B2C Service release 18A, the answer editor has been changed to be compatible with the Browser User Interface. This means that some of the old features will no longer be available. As an example, in the new answer editor the 'Undo' option in the Source View of the Answer editor is grayed out, not usable.

There is no way to 'Enable' the buttons for the source editor because the undo plugin is written specifically for the design editor and would not function in source mode.  The source editor relies on the native undo support provided by the embedded browser. Undo functionality can also be accessed via the standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl Z for Undo and Ctrl Y for Redo).