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Only 9 Custom Fields can be indexed per table
Answer ID 10271   |   Last Review Date 07/19/2019

Why am I getting a validation error when I try to save custom fields?


Oracle B2C Service all versions


When saving custom fields, an error is received:  Only 9 Custom Fields can be Indexed per table.

Validation Error: Only 9 Custom Fields can be Indexed per table.


This error is being returned due to the 9 custom fields per table indexing limit and it would be expected for it to happen.

As the error message informs us, we're allowed to index 9 custom fields for any given table at a time. Once we try to index a 10th field, this error will show up.

If you would still like to deploy the field, you can uncheck the 'Indexed' checkbox that can be found under the column name. 

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