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Searching by reference number without having to reset the drop-down menus
Answer ID 1026   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

How can I be able to search for a specific incident number without having to reset the Status, Group, and Assigned drop-down menus?


Analytics, Quick Search Reports, Navigation Set
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Oracle B2C Service includes a quick search feature to allow staff to search for specific records. For example, staff can access an incident by searching on the reference number alone. Similarly, staff can search for an answer by the answer ID value.

Within the Oracle B2C Service Console, quick search reports are listed in a single menu so that staff can search for any record type using the corresponding quick search report.

Staff can only access a record using quick search if they have the ability to access the record when using one of the reports they have permission to run.

For more information on customizing the quick search reports and functionality, refer to Answer ID 2476: Customizing Quick Search Functionality.