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Application Context maximum length for use in API's
Answer ID 10233   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2019

What is the maximum length of the APP ID field?


Oracle B2C Service REST API, CWS SOAP

If your current Oracle B2C Service version is older than August 2014, please review Overview of legacy Service Cloud update process.


We are receiving the error ''Invalid Request ApplicationContext maximum length exceeded'' and cannot see any restrictions for this with the current API we are using.


This is expected if you use a long APP ID or Context Header. However it may not be specifically clear for your API. REST API documentation states:

In CCOM v1.4, you must use the custom B2C Service-CREST-Application-Context HTTP header to add comments to REST API requests. The Application Context data is written to the papi_meters table.

The maximum length of the text is 40 characters. If you use more than 40 characters, then a Bad-Request error occurs.

With that said, this also happens to be the case for the other API's using the v1.4 version of their corresponding endpoint.