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Steps for adding Work Zone Shapes to an Environment
Answer ID 10232   |   Last Review Date 04/06/2022

How do we add default work zone shape files to an environment?


All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)

Note:  *Please note, this process requires third party programs that OFS does not directly support, specifically the ‘QGIS’ program and a website where the file can be uploaded with a valid non-wildcard certificate. 


I need to add workzone shape files to my environment


Please follow the following steps to add shape files to your environment:


Step 1) Download the .zip shape file from the US Census Bureau website. The current specific URL is ‘’  The .zip file is highlighted under Parent Directory.


Step 2) You will then need to download the 'QGIS' program (can be downloaded here:, open the ‘QGIS Desktop’ program. First, select the ‘Add Vector Layer’ button, which is highlighted below:

'QGIS' program is displayed. ‘Add Vector Layer’ button is highlighted.


Step 3) Select the .zip file downloaded from Step 1, and open it. Once opened, you should see something similar to:

Map from .zip file is displayed.


Step 4) Right click the file and select ‘Save As’ and save the file – this enables you to edit the file itself. For this example, I saved the file as ‘US_Zips’:

File name is highlighted. Save as is highlighted.


*Once saved, you should see the new file in your Layers Panel

File saved is displayed under "Layers Panel"


Step 5) Right click your new file, and select ‘Toggle Editing’:

Right click the file > Toggle editing


*After Toggle Editing is selected, the screen should resemble the following

The map is now displayed in red color


Step 6) Right click your file and select ‘Properties’:

Right click file > Properties
Step 7) Select the ‘Fields’ Tab on the left hand side of the Properties popup, and remove the fields I’ve highlighted below, leaving only the ‘ZCTA5CE10’ field remaining:

 Properties screen > Fields tab is selected. Keep ‘ZCTA5CE10’ file.


*Afterwards, it should look like this:

Only  ‘ZCTA5CE10’ file is displayed


Step 8) Right click the file > Save as > create a new file name (for this example I used ‘US_Zips2’), and when prompted, select ‘Overwrite File’:

Right click the file > Save as > ‘US_Zips2’ name was given to the new file. In the Save vector layer as, select ‘Overwrite File’:


Step 9) Compress all the new files into one single .zip folder.

From your computer, select all files and compress them using a program. For this case, 7-zip is used.


Step 10) Upload the newly created .zip file to a secure storage website ('https') with a valid, non-wildcard SSL certificate:

Compressed file is upload to a secure storage website


Step 11) Create a URL link to reference this file (there are third-party sites to host and create URL if needed)

File is selected. Create a link option is highlighted.

Step 12) Open the OFS environment you wish to add the shape file to and navigate to ‘Configuration > Business Rules > Map Layers section > Add New’:

Configuration > Business Rules > Map Layers section > Add New


Step 13) Select the ‘Create work zone layer’ option and enter the URL and SRID information accordingly (this specific file uses the SRID value ‘4269’) and hit ‘OK’:

* It is also possible to upload the file from a local file system

Add Map Layer screen. Create work zone layer is selected. Upload shapefile now is selected under Select shapefile location. URL to shape file parameter has value of the URL created. SRID parameter has value 4269.


*Please note that this is a large file, and is expected to take ~60 minutes to completely upload.


Step 14) Once the file is saved, select the ‘Modify’ action and wait ~90 seconds (to ensure the file is completely loaded, otherwise, it can cause the system to hang) before selecting the ‘ZCTA5CE10’ value in the Shape Identifier drop down:

Edit Map Layer scree. ZCTA5CE10’ is selected for Shape Identifier.


Hit OK, and then ‘Save’ from the Business Rules screen.

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