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Knowledge Advanced CK Editor validates content HTML source displayed to user
Answer ID 10134   |   Last Review Date 01/15/2019

When I enter or edit HTML source code CK Editor in Knowledge Advanced Authoring - why does the text/code change when I save the document?


Knowledge Advanced


The Knowledge Advanced (KA) CK Editor allows content Authors to edit content HTML source. This functionality is made available by clicking the 'Source' button when editing an html text content field. 

KA Authors may find that the text/code will change (in the CK Editor HTML source display) when they save a content document containing such a field that is edited in this way. Further, if the content was first added to the system using the KA REST API, the HTML source displayed in the CK Editor may not reflect what is actually saved to the database for the HTML content. This is because the KA CK Editor was intentionally designed to validate HTML content source code in the display of that content.

KA Authors who find themselves editing HTML content source frequently may find it helpful to edit content in a separate HTML editor before pasting into the CK Editor field and saving a document. There are many HTML source validators online that will quickly find mistakes made in HTML source code, and using such a tool can also be helpful. This will help to avoid mistakes saved to the HTML content fields that can make further edits of the content difficult in some cases due to this product feature.

Further, because the KA REST API does not validate HTML content source when persisting such data to the database, KA Authors may find it difficult to edit existing document HTML content using the CK Editor if the content was originally imported with mistakes made in HTML content.