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Mobile pages are not available in the development area of Customer Portal
Answer ID 10107   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

How can I get Customer Portal Mobile pages and template under the development area?


Customer Portal versions 3.x
Oracle B2C Service May 2016 or above


The mobile and basic templates and pages are no longer available in the customer's development area starting from Oracle B2C Service May 2016.  In order to use those page sets, it is necessary to use WebDAV to navigate to the framework area (i.e. /cp/core/framework/views) and copy over the mobile/basic template and pages.
To get the templates in place (references are within WebDAV):
-          Copy basic.php and mobile.php from cp/core/framework/views/templates/ to customer/development/views/templates/
-          Copy the basic and mobile folders (the entire folders) from cp/core/framework/views/pages/ to customer/development/views/pages/

The mobile and basic page sets are now in the development area and the other standard setup (enabling the page set, etc.) should still apply as before.