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Will a Cobrowse session automatically time out?
Answer ID 10097   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Does Cobrowse have an automated timeout feature which will end the session if the agent does not take any action for a specific length of time?




No, a connected Cobrowse session does not automatically time out. If there is no activity from the agent or end-user, that doesn't necessarily mean that the session is idle. The agent and end-user customer may be looking at the screen and talking on the phone without taking any action on the computer. For this reason, the session stays active until either the agent or the end-user disconnects the session. 

If the agent disconnects the Cobrowse session, the session will stay active on the end-user side for about three minutes. This allows the customer to be transferred to another agent and continue the Cobrowsing session. If the customer is not transferred to another agent, the Cobrowse session will automatically terminate in about three minutes.

Once the end-user disconnects the Cobrowse session, the session is ended immediately.