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The rr_id value in the rel_date_diff function
Answer ID 10073   |   Last Review Date 11/09/2018

Can any integer value be added in place of rr_id for the rel_date_diff function?


Analytics, Date Functions
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


When using the report column date function, rel_date_diff (date2, date1, rr_id), the expected third parameter is the response requirement ID (rr_id), as shown in the parenthesis. The response requirement ID represents the work hours and holidays used in the calculation. In most cases, incidents.rr_id should be used for the third parameter, but a user could also enter in any integer representing a valid response requirement ID. For example, a user may want to compare times to see how a proposed change in work hours could affect times.

In order to allow flexibility, there is no validation performed on this function to ensure that what is entered for the third parameter is logical. For this reason, it is possible to add other integer values for the third parameter of this function; however, this can cause unexpected errors and behavior when running the report. Therefore, the third parameter should not be substituted for just any integer value, and should always use incidents.rr_id or be a valid ID of a response requirement.

Additional information on this function as well as other types of report functions, can be found in Answer ID 1884: Functions used in reports.

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