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Negative Barracuda Spam Score
Answer ID 10023   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why does my email have a negative Barracuda Spam score?


Barracuda, Email


When email is processed by Barracuda, it is scored on several factors. One thing that comes into play is the Bayesian database. When using the Bayesian database with your Barracuda spam filter it can auto score the email and give the email a negative SPAM score. The email will still go through any remaining Barracuda rules which can add more to the spam score in the end. When all the rules are complete and the Spam scores is tallied. With this setup, if at the end the Bayesian database gives the email a negative score, the email total score could be less than 0 which is the lowest setting available for the Block, Quarantine, and Tag scores for emails.If this ever happens, then emails will pass through the Barracuda, but will still be scanned for viruses.

*Note: For more information on the Bayesian database and the Block, Quarantine, and Tag scores, please see the following answers.

Bayesian Database

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