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An email address must be defined on a Staff Account in order to reply to Incidents
Answer ID 9955   |   Last Review Date 11/19/2018

Why can't I reply to an Incident?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions 


When trying to respond to an Incident from the Incident Workspace, a staff member receives this warning message:

'Current system configuration specifies that the sender's email address be used for the 'From Address' when forwarding an incident.Due to this account not having an email address defined, you will not be able to forward an incident.'


When trying to respond to an Incident from the Incident Workspace, if no e-mail address is defined/associated with the Staff Account which reply's to the customer inquiry, a warning message is received.

This message informs that there is no e-mail associated with the staff Account hence the response cannot be forwarded.

The information regarding the details set on the Staff Account can be verified by a Staff Account using Administrator Permissions in Configuration > Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile/by Group > (name of staff account you want to edit) > Email Address, if the field is blank this is the reason why the Incident response cannot be sent as there is no email associated with the staff account.

E-mail Address: This is the e-mail address for the staff member. Management reports and email notifications, if enabled, are sent to this address for the staff member. If this field is left blank, the staff member will not receive any email communication from Oracle B2C Service or be able to reply to Incidents.

More information on how to configure a Staff Account by a System Administrator can be found in the following Answer ID 538: Adding a staff account to the Oracle B2C Service application.