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Support Communications from Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 9344   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2020

Why am I receiving Support Communications from Oracle B2C Service Support Site?


Designated Contacts set up within the Oracle B2C Service Support Site


Oracle B2C Service will occasionally send out emails targeted to specific user role types.  Each Support Contact will receive these communications which may include items like recommended practices for working with support, technical information, information for administering a site, and notification of Support Experience improvements.  

As a registered Support Contact you cannot opt-out of these emails.  Should you wish not to receive these emails, you will need to either have your Support Contact account disabled by your Contact Manager or your privileges changed to "Knowledge Base Only".

As an example, one of these mailings might target new Support Contacts upon creation of their contact record.  This will cover things like what our technical support team does and does not support and include information about various information options such as:

We hope that these communications will be valuable to both the seasoned Administrator as well as the new user. As with anything else regarding our support team, if you have any feedback or suggestions about these mailings, please be sure to click on the Support Suggestion Box found in the upper left of the Support homepage.