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Merge Fields using the Accounts table aren't populating
Answer ID 9087   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why aren't the values populating when I use merge fields that reference the accounts table?


Feedback, Outreach, Message Templates, Merge Fields


Merge fields that reference the accounts table may not populate with the values that you expect, or populate at all. If these fields aren't populating how you expect them to, then it may be that the true field they are pointing to has a null value.

When Account merge fields are used in a mailing, survey, or message template that is sent to a contact, the account that is associated to those merge fields is set by the Contact Salesperson. The salesperson is an account that is tied directly to a specific contact record, and can be found in the standard contact workspace. Account merge fields included in mailings or surveys will be blank if the contact does not have an associated salesperson.

This value will not populated based on the account assigned to an incident, even if it is an incident rule that triggers the survey. If you would like the account assigned to the incident to populate a merge field, then you will need to utilize the incident.assigned_account field. This field will populate with the full name of the agent assigned to the service request.