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Message templates custom fields "No Value"
Answer ID 8978   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

Why are merge fields appearing as "No Value" in emails?


Oracle B2C Service Message Templates, All Versions


This behavior is caused by a reference to a custom field which does not exist.  This causes the query which gets merge field values to fail. If one field fails, all merge fields will display as their default value, often "No Value" or blank, if not otherwise specified. 

To resolve this:

1.  Open the message template

2.  Make sure that the Design tab is selected

3.  Double click each merge field, checking that the correct value is selected in the list.

4.  Where the reference is broken, it will appear as though no field is selected.

5.  If no field is selected, select the correct one and choose "OK".

6.  Preview the template, select an example, and/or send a proof email, and notice that, where available, merge fields are now properly populated with their values.

Alternatively, the same result could be accomplished by editing the source code directly, where the reference to the nonexistent field can be seen and manually corrected.  If this fix does not resolve the issue, then a different root cause could be the problem.  In this case, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support for further investigation.