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Older incidents' customer thread entries do not have email headers associated with them
Answer ID 8222   |   Last Review Date 10/25/2019

Why are email headers missing from my older incidents?


Agent Desktop, Incidents


If your older incidents are missing headers, it is likely that those incidents were solved outside the span of time specified by the PURGE_DELETE_STALEMAILHDRS configuration setting. The PURGE_DELETE_STALEMAILHDRS configuration setting specifies the number of days from last updated after which email headers will be deleted from solved incidents. If PURGE_DELETE_STALEMAILHDRS is set to 365, for example, no incidents that are in a solved status and also have an updated date more than one year ago will have email headers associated with thread entries.

If you would like email headers to be purged from incident threads after a longer interval, or not be purged at all, you will need to modify this configuration setting. For information concerning how to modify configuration settings, please refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing configuration settings.