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Incident Forwarding returns alert regarding 'sender's email address'
Answer ID 7419   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2018

Why does one agent receive an error when forwarding an incident?


Staff Accounts, Incidents - Outbound Emails


One of our agents receives the following alert message when trying to forward an incident.

Current system configuration specifies that the sender's email address be used for the 'From Address' when forwarding an incident. Due to this account not having an email address defined, you will not be able to forward an incident


When forwarding an incident, the system will automatically set the logged in staff account's email address as the From address. If there is no available email address for the staff account, they will receive the alert message above.

To resolve this, an email address value will need to be added for the affected user. To do this, select Configuration > Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile > Open the affected staff account > add email address value > Save.

After setting an email address for the staff account, they will have the ability to forward incidents.

For additional information on configuration options of the Reply-to value, please see Answer ID 2056: Setting the Reply-To Address when forwarding incidents or sending report subscriptions