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Status or Assigned value of Incident changed when Send on Save is checked
Answer ID 6528   |   Last Review Date 12/08/2022

Why is the Status or Assigned value of my incident changed when I check the Send on Save checkbox?


Incident Workspace


You can configure your response options within the Incident workspace to change the status of an Incident when a response is sent. If you find that your Status or Assigned is being changed unexpectedly, check the Response Options on your workspace. To do this, take the following steps.

  • Navigate to Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces/Workflows
  • Open your incident workspace in edit mode
  • Double click within the response area of the Messages tab
  • Click Response Options in the ribbon
  • Select the option "Change the incident's status when Send on Save is selected"
  • Ensure that the desired option is selected.
  • Also view the "Reassign the incident when Send on Save is selected" option. Depending on the option selected, the Assigned value may change when the response is Sent.

If you confirmed that the above option is set correctly and find that unexpected behavior is still occurring, you may also wish to review your workspace and business rules to ensure that you do not have a rule configured to set the value of the Status or Assigned field.

Note: Send on Save option is not available in the BUI console, but the options associated to the send on save continue to have an effect on incidents in BUI when an incident response is sent.