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Creating a report that shows Oracle B2C Service mailboxes
Answer ID 6324   |   Last Review Date 11/26/2019

How do I create a report that shows my mailbox configuration?


Mailboxes, Sites on version August 2013 or newer


Note that this report is useful for managing mailboxes on your site across multiple interfaces. For more assistance in creating a report refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating a basic custom report .  For information on best practices for mailboxes setup refer to Answer ID 5468: Suggestions for mail setup.

1. Open the Reports Explorer and create a standard report with the following columns:


2. Right click the Pop Server, Pop Account, Enabled, From Address, Reply To Address, and Friendly From Address columns and select edit format.  Select Display blank on the Text tab in Null values.

3. Right click the Interface column and select edit format and select Hide repeating values on the Alignment tab in Repeating Values.

4. In the ribbon click Home, Sort.  Sort the columns by Interface, Default Mailbox descending, Mailbox Type descending, and then Name.

5. The standard verbiage for mailboxes.enabled is quite long. You can use the following formula to shorten that column: decode(mailboxes.enabled, 0, '', 1, 'In',2,'Out',3,'In/Out')

6. Save and close the report.

Note: If you change your mailbox settings you will need to click the refresh button in the ribbon of this report view to see updated information.

Notes on the columns in the mailboxes table.

There should be one default mailbox for Service and Outreach for each interface that is enabled for incoming and outgoing mail unless mail is pulled from that pop account on another interface. Mail must be pulled from each pop account (email addresses are on one and only one interface. From address is the only required address and should reflect the full hosted email address such as or  Reply to and Friendly From addresses are optional and may be used for branding. Hosted mailboxes (pop accounts on our servers) may be created and deleted in Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant. Pop account and server values for hosted mailboxes are added automatically by the product and are not editable in the mailbox editor.  To create and configure non-hosted branded email addresses refer to your sites mail administrators.


New functionality in versions August 2013 and above and the self serve mailbox controls require that mailboxes be set appropriately. This report can be used to help plan and troubleshoot mailbox configuration.