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Response cannot be sent, incident does not have a mailbox selected. Select a mailbox and try again.
Answer ID 5977   |   Last Review Date 07/27/2022

Why are we receiving a 'response cannot be sent' error when trying to send a response or not receiving password reset emails on Upgrade site?


Mailboxes / Service - Outgoing Emails


When trying to send an incident response message, agents are seeing the following error:

The response cannot be sent since the incident does not have a mailbox selected. Select a mailbox and try again.

Note: In February 2015 and older, the specific error text was slightly different:
No valid CSS mailboxes associated with the interface for this incident.  Send aborted.

We have recently moved a mailbox from one interface and re-configured it on another.  Could this have had an impact?


There are two options for resolving this issue:

1. For the interface the incident is associated with, ensure that interface has a default Service Mailbox.

If there are no mailboxes configured on the interface the incident is associated to, outgoing messages cannot be sent from that interface.

If you are receiving this error within your production or upgrade site, use these steps to set a default mailbox:

- Open each of the mailboxes within each interface.  You will likely be prompted with messaging similar to the following:
The Outgoing Email checkbox has been set to true.  During the upgrade process, the outgoing email property gets set to false.  Please save the record to set the outgoing property.

- Confirm configurations are correct and that each interface has a default mailbox designated and hit Save.  

- Create a new incident and send a response associated to the respective interface to test results.


2. Ensure the incident throwing the error has a mailbox and interface association where a default service mailbox is configured.

Another scenario is where a mailbox is moved from one interface and re-configured in another. Mailboxes are specific to the interface they are configured in.  When a mailbox is 'moved' to a new interface, the mailbox ID at the database level changes. However, the interface/mailbox ID associations of existing incidents does not automatically change. Therefore, existing incidents will no longer have a valid association to an interface and mailbox. That association will need to be updated within the incident throwing the error.  

From a standard incident workspace, both the Mailbox and Interface fields are available from the Details tab.  Once a valid association is made (i.e. either to a new mailbox or to an interface with a default mailbox enabled for outgoing messages), a response can be sent.

Once the incident is saved with the correct associations, a response email can be sent without error. 

For more information on mailbox configuration, refer to Answer ID 331: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service.

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