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Long-term and Short-term solved counts
Answer ID 5874   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

What determines long-term solved counts and short-term solved counts for answers?


Answers, Solved Count


There are four fields in the answers table that account for solved count for end-user vs. admin and short-term vs. long-term activity. 

  • solved_count  (this was the original field name, this field accounts for end-user, long-term solved count)
  • eust_solved_count:
  • ault_solved_count
  • aust_solved_count

There are separate fields for enduser (eu) and admin (au) and for long-term(lt) and short-term (st). Activity on the admin / console side is represented by 'au'.

There is also a configuration setting named SA_SHORT_TERM_AGE_FREQ which specifies the number of days in your short-term window for calculating answer popularity. Default is 7 days.

You use the SA_SHORT_TERM_AGE_FREQ setting to specify short-term vs long-term (i.e. 7 days vs. more than 7 days) and then you can set the SA_SOLVED_WEIGH_PREF to be a weighting factor in specifying the overall solved count.

Specifies the display preference of calculated solved counts.

Supported values are:
1 - strong preference (95%) for long-term solved counts
2 - 75% preference for long-term solved counts
3 - even preference (50%) for both long- and short-term counts
4 - 75% preference for short-term solved counts
5 - strong preference (95%) for short-term solved counts

Default is 2.

For example, you could specify your short-term period as 30 days by editing SA_SHORT_TERM_AGE_FREQ and setting to 30 and then if you wanted to heavily favor the short-term solved counts from the last month, you would set SA_SOLVED_WEIGH_PREF to a 4 or 5.

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