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Searching for contact phone numbers
Answer ID 5654   |   Last Review Date 07/15/2019

How do I search all the contact phone number fields in a report?


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The contacts table has nine separate fields for phone numbers for contacts separated into 2 groups.  The "raw" set of phone number fields are automatically populated with only the numeric values of the corresponding field.  There are 2 filters that search across multiple fields

  • Use a contacts.any_phone filter to search all the below fields (with punctuation)
    • ph_office
    • ph_mobile
    • ph_fax
    • ph_asst
    • ph_home
  • Use a contacts.any_phone_raw filter to search all the below fields (without punctuation)
    • ph_office_raw
    • ph_mobile_raw
    • ph_home_raw
    • ph_asst_raw

The standard "Contact Search" report is a good example of phone filter fields.  Create a copy of the report and edit the copy to see the report's structure.

To add a filter to a report:

1. Open Reports Explorer.

2. Find the report that you wish to edit either by name or ID.  Searching by ID is preferable since multiple reports can have the same name.

3. Once the report is visible in Reports Explorer, right click the report name and click Edit.  

4. Click Filters in the ribbon and add or edit a filter.

5. Add either contacts.any_phone or contacts.any_phone_raw in the Expression field and select Complex Expression for the Operator.

6. Click OK to close the filter and OK to close the filters editor. 

7. Test the report by clicking the Home tab > Views button > 'Report view' option in the ribbon.  Enter a valid contact phone number with and without punctuation, depending on the filter used.

8. Save and close the report.