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Citrix and Published Desktops
Answer ID 5618   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How do we deploy the Service Cloud application on desktops published from Citrix?


November 2011 and later releases, supported Citrix environments.


The ClickOnce installer is suitable for and supported for deployment on Citrix published Desktops.

All the Service Cloud application components are deployed into the agents Windows profiles directories of %local%\Apps\2.0 and %AppData%\Roaming\RightNow_Technologies. Since these directories are not static on an image or published desktop, agents can deploy the application without admin interaction.

Please note:

If a Citrix or Windows profile management application is used, an exclusion must be in place for the  %local%\Apps\2.0 folder.  The Service Cloud application uses Microsoft's ClickOnce technology to deploy the application components. This process stores the deployment manifest and some components in the  %local%\Apps\2.0 directory. Since the subfolders of this directory are named using a auto generated alpha-numerical naming process during folder creation, recreating those folders can rename them. Renaming those folders will break the Service Cloud application and force the removal and redeployment of the application.