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Proof messages for surveys and mailings are not sent/delivered
Answer ID 5533   |   Last Review Date 07/15/2019

How can I determine if a proof message was sent/delivered for a survey or mailing?


Proof, Mailing, Surveys
Outreach and Feedback, Oracle B2C Service


  The first step is to make sure the Survey Proof message type is enabled.

In November 2012 and newer, with Message Templates enabled, the 'Survey Proof' message can be enabled/disabled from the Message Templates configuration area (Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates).

In November 2011 through August 2012, submit a service request to Technical Support via the Ask Support form describing the issue. They can confirm at the database level if this message type is enabled or not.

  Next, confirm there is an Outreach Mailbox configured for the interface.

Under Site Configuration > Mailboxes > Outreach Mailboxes, confirm that Outgoing Email And Default checkboxes are selected.

For more information on setting up an Outreach mailbox, refer to Answer ID 331: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service.

  It is often the case that the message has been sent but it was blocked or filtered.

Make sure to check the junk / spam folders for the proof message. You can test this by trying to send the proof to an alternative email address. If the proof gets delivered then the problem is likely an issue with the Spam filter for your email. Check with your IT administrator to ensure that emails from your site's domain are not being filtered.

  The next step is to verify whether or not the message was handed off correctly at the SMTP level.  

For assistance investigating this, submit a service to Ask Technical Support. Include the email address(es) affected and the date/time the proof(s) were sent.  We would be happy to review the outgoing mail logs to confirm whether the message was delivered to your mail server or if a delivery error occurred.  

If the message was handed off successfully, we can provide you with a unique message ID that you can share with your mail administrator to confirm whether it is being routed correctly.