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No email received for Contact setup on Test site
Answer ID 5528   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

We are expecting an email to come through to complete the creation of a new Contact account, but no email arrives to that person. How can I get that email to be delivered and let the Contact finish their account setup?


Test-site clone of production, constructed for testing processes before live deployment
Oracle B2C Service


Whenever a new Contact is created, the Oracle B2C Service (CX site) application will send an email to setup their new username and password.  The new Contact will be asked to go to a URL for the client portal for that CX site.

On arrival at the portal webpage, the new Contact is invited to enter in their contact email address, and then click the button to "Email my Username".  A new email should be received by the Contact, with a tokenized, time-limited URL link to create a username and password.  Some customers report this second mail never arrives for the Contact.


The problem could be that there is no active or default mailbox on the "client" interface for site.

While the default interface on a CX site handles the initial creation for the new Contact, and generates the initial outbound email, the email generated from the button on the portal needs to be sent from the "client" interface on the site (i.e. the interface for the portal).

Using an Admin or Super-user login, if you log in to the "client" console on the site and review the Mailboxes under Site Configuration, you will see that you will need to set mailboxes to be configured and/or activated.  Once active, the portal button will have a mailbox to send though, and the contact will receive an email to complete the account setup.

This is likely to be encountered on a test-site clone, as it is the normal process by Cloud Operations that site clones have mailboxes deactivated on clone creation.