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Specifying how long a new or updated answer is flagged
Answer ID 510   |   Last Review Date 04/16/2022

Can I specify how long an updated answer is flagged?


Answer List Page, Customer Portal, May 2011 and later releases


By default, new and updated answers in your site display with New and Updated next to the summary in the answer list page. By default, the New flag displays for 30 days after the answer creation date and the Updated flag displays for 30 days after the answer was last edited.

You can change how long answers display with a New or Updated flag.  For example, you may want updated answers to only display for 10 days. You can also disable the New and Updated flags from displaying at all.  

In CP, $new and $updated are variables used in the default end-user report.  To change the number of days for which the New and Updated flags display, you must copy the default report and edit the variable value. Then, you must edit the answers/list.php and answers/detail.php file to update the report_id attribute used for the AnswerSearchArea widget in those files.

First create a copy of the standard Answers report so that you can modify the variable value.

  1. From the Analytics Explorer, copy the default report used for the Customer Portal page set. The default report is named Answers -Complex Expression Search Default and has an ID of 176. This report is accessed from the path:  Public Reports > Service > Views - Service > Customer Portal > Answers -Complex Expression Search Default.
  2. Open the copy of the report for editing to edit the variable(s).
  3. To change the variable value, from the Home tab, select Views > Data Set View.  Double click on the variable and edit the value.
  4. Save the report.

To update the CP files, you must get the report ID for your custom report. From the Analytics Explorer, navigate to the folder where you saved it. From the Home tab, click the Choose Details option, enable the ID box and click OK. The ID column is added to the explorer.

With the report ID for your custom report, you must update the CP files that default to use the default Answers report, namely the answers/list.php file:

In the answers/list.php file, you must update the report_id attribute in the following line of code.

<rn:container report_id="176">

For additional information on changing the Answers page report or changing the New or Updated flags, refer to the 'Changing the report on the Answers page' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently on.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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