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Unable to view all contacts when viewing organization
Answer ID 4659   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

When viewing an organization record, why can I only see 100 contacts when I know there are several more?


Workspaces, Analytics


To resolve this, edit the report displayed in the Contacts tab of your organization workspace and increase the paging options as needed.


Many reports have default record count and records displayed per page limits set at 100. These values can be increased for reports where more results are necessary. The following published answer provides more information and steps on modifying these options:

Answer ID 2250: Cannot clear default pagination in a report

NOTE: If you are using a standard report or standard workspace, you will first need to make a copy of those items. You can then make the necessary changes. Once saved, associate the new report to your workspace and/or the new workspace to your profile. The following published answers provide information on performing these steps:

Answer ID 2169: Customizing search results and reports in workspaces

Answer ID 2451: Assigning workspaces to staff profiles