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Allowing staff to customize their navigation sets
Answer ID 2508   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can I allow staff members to customize their own navigation set?


Navigation Sets


Navigation sets define the buttons and reports listed in the left frame of the Oracle B2C Service console when a staff member logs in. Navigation sets allow access to different features, reports, and records within the application.

Navigation sets are assigned to staff members from the Interfaces section of their staff profile. Therefore, you can create different navigation set for different profiles in your application. This allows you to customize which buttons and reports are accessible to staff when they log in. If you do not create navigation sets and assign them to profiles, staff members will not have access to navigation buttons and lists.

For example, the navigation set used for your marketing staff could include the navigation buttons for campaigns, mailings, content library, and audiences, while your support staff would not have these buttons included in their support navigation set.

Note:  From the Oracle B2C Service console, all staff can reorder the buttons or disable buttons from the navigation set specified in their profile by selecting the Oracle Icon in the top left corner >  Options > Navigation Pane.

Allowing Staff to Customize their Navigation Lists

Staff can only customize the report lists for each button if the Customize Navigation Set button is enabled in their staff profile. If this box is disabled (clear), then the staff member cannot add or remove reports listed for each navigation button.

To change the Customize Navigation Set feature in a staff profile, use the steps below:

  1. From Configuration item, select Staff Management > Profiles.

  2. Right click on the profile you want to change and select Open.

  3. Check the Customize Navigation Set check box.

  4. Click Save.

When the Customize Navigation Set box is enabled, all staff accounts assigned to the profile are able to customize the navigation lists for each of the navigation buttons in their navigation set. After the profile has been edited, the agent must log out and log back in for these changes to take effect.

Important! Remember that editing a navigation set used in a profile does not impact staff members who have permission to customize their navigation sets.

Staff members should know that they may not be able to access some specific records if their workspace layout or profile prevents them from doing so.

Once staff members are given access to change their navigation lists, they can use the steps in the following section to make changes.

Changing the Navigation List

Only staff whose profile has the Customize Navigation Set checkbox enabled can customize the list of reports for each navigation button.

  1. Click the Customize List link in the section you want to change. The Customize List window will open.

  2. Select the report from the left frame and click Add. To remove an report from the list, highlight it in the right frame and click Remove.

    You can search for a specific report. Click the Find in List link above the Available Items field or press CTRL+F. Then enter your search term to find the report of interest.
  3. Click OK to save. Changes take effect immediately.

Changing the Order of the Navigation Buttons

All staff can change the order of the navigation buttons or disable buttons that are included in their navigation set.

  1. From the Oracle RightNow Console, all staff can select the Oracle Icon in the top left corner > Options > Navigation Pane.

  2. Check or uncheck the options you want to see in the Navigation buttons list.

  3. Change the order of the buttons by highlighting a button and selecting Move Up or Move Down.

  4. Click OK. The changes take effect immediately.

Changing the Navigation Item that Opens at Startup

All staff can customize whether a report opens automatically when you login, regardless of whether the staff profile has the Customize Navigation Set button enabled. 

From the Oracle RightNow Console, all staff can select the Oracle Icon in the top left corner > Options > Navigation Pane.

From the Behavior section, select from the following options:

  • Nothing
  • Default navigation item for current page
  • Last navigation item opened in previous session

Note: Whatever is set in the agent's profile is the navigation set used when the staff member logs in. Then, if the agent has customized his navigation list, that is the navigation set used.