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Fill Inbox button is not pulling incidents to the staff member
Answer ID 2446   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why isn't the Fill Inbox button pulling incidents to the staff member?


Analytics, My Inbox - Fill function


The Fill Inbox button displays for staff members whose profile specifies queues from which they can pull incidents and the profile allows incident editing.  When the staff profile is configured properly to allow incidents to be pulled the Fill Inbox button displays 

  • The Fill Inbox button displays on the Home tab for an incident report generated at the RightNow Console. The Fill Inbox button does not display on the Incident tab of another record, for example, opening a contact record and clicking the Incidents tab. 

If the staff profile does not indicate any queues on the Service tab, the Fill button does not display when the staff member is logged in.

In order for an incident to be eligible to be pulled into an agent's inbox, the incident must have the following criteria:

  • The status type is Unresolved. Incidents assigned to the Unresolved and Updated statuses are eligible to be pulled along with incidents assigned to custom Unresolved statuses. 
  • The incident is not already assigned to a staff member. Only incidents that are unassigned are eligible to be pulled. 
  • The incident is assigned to a queue that the staff member can pull incidents from as set in their staff profile. That is, the incident must first be assigned to an incident queue AND the staff member's profile must specify that queue in the Queues box. 
  • The staff member's inbox limit has not been reached already.

Therefore, if an incident is not getting pulled into a staff member's inbox, review the following conditions:

Incidents are Assigned to a Queue: Verify that there are actually unresolved incidents assigned to the queue. You can create a report that includes Queue as a run-time filter and search for all of the unresolved incidents for that queue.

Then, if you know a specific incident reference number that you feel should have been pulled, do a quick search on that reference number and verify that the incident is assigned to a queue, is assigned to an Unresolved status type, and is not currently assigned to another staff member. 
Verify the Profile Includes the Queue: Open the staff member's profile and on the Service tab, verify that the queue is listed in the Incident Queue box. If the queue is not listed on the profile Services tab, select the queue and click the Add New button.

In addition, make sure that the pull policy is set to Manual, Strict Priority or First Due. Save the profile.  
Inbox Limit for the Profile: Check the staff member's profile to determine the limit for the staff member's inbox. If the staff member is close to the limit, when they click the Fill Inbox button, they will pull as many incidents as is allowed up to the inbox limit.

When evaluating how many unresolved incidents are assigned to the staff member, be sure to include all statuses with an Unresolved status type.

For example, if the inbox limit is 25 incidents and the staff member has 22 unresolved incidents in their inbox, when the staff member clicks the Fill button, three incidents will be assigned, even if the pull quantity is 5 incidents. The inbox limit takes precedence over the pull quantity. 
Multiple Staff pulling from a Queue: If there are many agents working from the same queue, multiple agents can click the Fill Inbox button in a narrow timespan and deplete the unassigned incidents from the queue without realizing that the incidents have already been pulled into another staff member's inbox.

For example, if the queue has 12 unassigned incidents and the pull quantity is 5, two staff members could click the Fill button and have 5 incidents assigned. The third staff member would only have 2 incidents assigned since that is all there is left in the queue to assign.

If the staff member has a view of the unassigned incidents in the queue, the grid may not have refreshed since the first two staff members clicked Fill. As a result, it would appear that the Fill feature is not working correctly, though it really is. 
Rules: When the staff member clicks Fill Inbox and incidents are assigned, the incident is actually updated and compared to the incident rules configured in your site.

Depending upon how your Rules are configured, the incident could match one of your rules used for initial routing that assigns the incident to the queue and unassigned to a staff member. This is an indication that the incident did not transition from the initial rule state.

You can determine if this is happening by using the Rule Log to see what rules acted on the incident and when. For more information on using the Rule Log, refer to Answer ID 1873: Using the Rule Log to troubleshoot rules.