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Replacing or renaming an Oracle Managed Mailbox
Answer ID 2254   |   Last Review Date 01/22/2021

How can we rename or decommission an email address on the domain?


Mailboxes, Service and Outreach 
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


With regard to incoming email, it is not possible to merely rename a mailbox. Instead, a new mailbox must be created to replace your existing mailbox.

Also, if you plan to delete or decommission an Oracle managed mailbox some care should be taken to ensure that mail flow continues.  After an Oracle managed mailbox is disabled or deleted all mail send to that address will bounce.

To replace an existing mail address, you should allow both mailboxes to exist and function for a period of time so that you can phase out the use of your old mailbox. That way, customers who reply to existing or older incidents can still reply to the emails that they have received from the existing box. After a period of time, such as a month or so, you can disable the older mailbox so that all email is handled through your new box.

The steps below provide an outline of the actions to take to replace an existing mailbox.

  1. Create a new mailbox using the new name and email address. This can be done using the mailboxes option in the Oracle Cloud Portal or on your local infrastructure.

    See Answer ID 6354: Configuration of Oracle-hosted Service and Outreach mailboxes for steps to do this.  If you have questions regarding this service, please contact your account manager.
  2. Configure a new mailbox in Oracle B2C Service for the new mailbox. The path to configure mailboxes is: Service Administration / Configuration > Site Configuration > Mailboxes.
  3. If the mailbox you are replacing was the default mailbox, set the new mailbox as your default mailbox. Open the mailbox for editing and check the 'Default' checkbox and save changes.
  4. Optional: You should also edit your existing mailbox in Oracle B2C Service so that the Email Address and Reply-To-Address on the Outgoing Email tab uses the email address for your new mailbox. That way, if someone clicks Reply from a response, the response will be sent to the new mailbox. However, this may confuse some recipients.
  5. Check your business rules and update any rules that route incidents based on the mailbox to include both the existing and new mailboxes. This allows incidents to be handled the same regardless of which box the email is sent to.
  6. Optional: Consider adding a standard response that you can use in a rule for incidents submitted to the old email address. The standard response can explain that this email address is being phased out and that future email should be directed to the new email address.
  7. Review your company's website and other published information and edit sections that instruct users to submit an email to the older email address. Also adjust any SMTP forwarding.
  8. After a period of time passes to allow users to transition to the new email address, you can edit your rules to remove references to the older mailbox.
  9. Lastly, delete the old mailbox.This is done from the Oracle Cloud Portal > Configuration Assistant options to manage your Oracle-Managed Service mailboxes. 

Please see Configuration of Oracle-hosted Service and Outreach mailboxes for more information on both of these options.