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Cannot clear default pagination in a report
Answer ID 2250   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can I clear the pagination when my report is first run?




Some of our reports default to include pages when the report is run where each page has a maximum of 100 rows. We would like to clear that pagination.


When I try to edit the report to remove the pagination, it does not keep my changes and reverts to the 100 record default.

Reports can be configured to include a maximum record count.  This allows you to control the amount of data returned with the report query.  For example, if you have a report that includes various incident threads, you can set a record count so that the report will generate in an acceptable amount of time.

There is a difference between the record count for a report and the number of records displayed per page configured from the Display > Paging option.

  • The record count indicates how many records are returned when the query is run. 
  • The records displayed per page indicates how many records to display on a single page within the report.

The number of records displayed on a page cannot exceed the record count.  That is, the number of records displayed cannot exceed the number of records returned in the query.

As a result, if a report has a record count configured, paging is automatically enabled.  If the number of records that meet the report criteria exceed the record count, only the first X records are returned in the report (on page 1) and additional pages are indicated for the additional records.  When the user clicks the next page, the query is run against the database to return the next X records.

For example:

  • You have 1700 public answers in your site.
  • You have a report that lists the answer ID, summary, status and owner.
  • The report has a record count of 500 records.

When you run your report, the first 500 records display and there are 4 page numbers across the top of the report.  When the staff member clicks 2, the query is rerun and the 501-1000th records are displayed. Similarly, when the staff member clicks 3, the query is run again and the 1001-1500th records are displayed.

Setting the record count in a report: If your report is automatically including paging when it is run, check to see if a record count is set for the report:

  1. Open the report for editing and select the level of the report that has the paging issue.
  2. From the Level tab, click the Record Limit button.
  3. Modify the record limit if necessary.
  4. Save the report.