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Changing the order of the Quick Search items
Answer ID 2222   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Can I change the order of the Quick Search items?


Navigation Sets, Analytics - Quick Search reports
Oracle B2C Service


Only staff members whose profile has the Customize Navigation Set feature enabled on the Common tab can edit the quick search options.  Staff with this privilege can change the order of the quick search options or change the quick search items entirely.

For staff who cannot change their navigation sets, the navigation set defines which reports are listed in the quick search menu and the order they are listed. In order to change either the reports or the order, an administrator for your site must edit the navigation set used by the staff member.

Changing the order of the quick search options: For staff who can customize their navigation set, use the steps below.

  1. In the Quick Search section of the navigation sidebar, click Customize List link. 
  2. In the left frame of the pop-up window, drag and drop the options into a different order.

Note: When dropping an item, the dropped value is placed below the item it is dropped on. If you wish to have a different item listed first, you must drag and drop the top item to a position lower in the list.

After re-ordering the quick search items in the menu, the item you have put as default at the top of the list displays when you first log in. Otherwise, throughout the session, the quick search menu retains the last value you set it to. So, if you collapse the navigation sidebar, when you expand it again, the quick search retains its previous value.