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Staff are not getting email notifications when logged out
Answer ID 2219   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why aren't the staff members getting an email notification when a record is assigned to them?


Administration Emails / Notifications


Email messages are sent to staff members when the staff member is not logged in AND a notification is sent to them in the Communication Center.

You can enable the Notify Always check box from either the staff account or from the personal settings when the staff member is logged in. When the Notify Always box is checked, the staff member will receive an email for each notification that is sent to the staff member, even if the staff member is logged in.

Staff Account Configuration: If staff members do not receive an email for a notification, verify that the staff account has the proper email address configured for the account, the account is enabled, and there are Email Notifications selected. To check the staff account, use the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Group.
  2. If the account is not listed, right click and select Show Disabled.
  3. Right click on the account name to open.
  4. Verify the email address.
  5. Verify the account is enabled.
  6. Verify the something is selected under the Email Notification dropdown field.

    Note: The staff member can edit this box through personal settings.

If Notify Always is NOT Enabled: The email notification is not sent to the agent when they are logged in to the system. For example, if they are logged in and the Incident Assigned message is enabled in your Messages table, the agent will receive the Incident Assigned notification in the administration console, but they will not receive the email.

In addition, when Notify Always is not enabled, the email notification is sent only when the user is logged out of the RightNow application AND it is sent only the first time that a notification is sent.

That is, if 3 incidents are assigned over the span of an hour and the agent is not logged in, the agent will receive only one email when the first incident is assigned. This email serves as an indicator that there is at least one notification at their Communication Center. Then, when they log in, they can see how many messages are there.

Also, when Notify Always is not enabled, if the staff member does not log out of the application to end the session, RightNow is not aware that you should receive the email notification. If you run into certain types of errors, it is possible for you to get taken out of the system without actually logging out. Other situations where the users may not get logged out entirely is if they are using dial-up connections, if your site is using SSL, or proxy servers.

Service Mailbox Configuration: If you are using the Oracle B2C Service or Oracle RightNow Opportunity Tracking Cloud Service modules, you must have a default Service mailbox configured in order for the emails to be sent. Even if your site only uses the Sales module and does not use Service, you must have a default Service mailbox enabled in order for the emails to be sent.

If you do not have Service enabled in your site, you can access the Service Mailboxes table and set up a default mailbox using the steps below:

  1. First, open the Messages table using the path: Configuration > Site Configuration > Mailboxes. 
  2. Click on the New button and select Service Mailbox. 
  3. Add a name for the mailbox and check the Default box and Outgoing Email Enable box. 
  4. Complete the information on the Outgoing Email tab. For the reply-to address, use an email address for an administrator who can receive emails if someone happens to reply to the email notification. 
  5. Save the mailbox.

Note: The mailbox as configured above will not receive incoming email. It is only configured to allow email to be sent from the RightNow application.