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Scheduled reports have no data
Answer ID 2051   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Why are scheduled reports empty?


Analytics, Scheduled Reports


My scheduled reports arrive as attachments, but when I open them, they contain no data. When I run the report manually from within our Oracle B2C Service site, the data displays as expected in the report.


In cases where the scheduled reports have no data, but the same report contains data when run from the administration console, this is an indication that the scheduled report may have been altered or filtered by an email filtering product. Report files are based upon XML and several filtering products may alter or truncate these files.

For example, the software MailControl (formerly BlackSpider) has a setting labeled Filter Active HTML Content that inserts a string (defanghtml_) into XML files. This string effectively disables the file and makes the report appear blank.

Filtering software used by your organization should be configured to exclude scheduled report mailings from altering files in such a manner.

Contact your IT group to prevent filtering software from acting on scheduled reports in such a manner.