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Personalizing the content of outbound mailings
Answer ID 1933   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I personalize the email sent with our marketing mailings?


Outreach / Feedback, Outbound E-mail, Merge Fields


When creating documents in Oracle B2C Service Outreach, you can include merge fields at specific locations within your document content. Merge fields allow you to include specific information for each contact within your content.

Merge fields correspond to database fields associated with your contact records, including both system-defined fields, such as first and last name, and mailing address fields as well as contact custom fields.  For more information on creating custom merge fields, refer to Answer ID 1920: Creating a custom merge field for mailings

For example, you can include a merge field for the contact's first and last name. This allows you to address the contact personally within the document.

Note: You can add merge fields to either the HTML or Text component of the document.

To add a merge field to a document: 

  1. Open the document for editing.
  2.  Click the HTML or Text tab, in the Dynamic Content section of the Toolbox, click Merge Field. 
  3. In the pop-up window, select the field to use as the merge field. Options include both default, system-defined fields and custom contact fields that have been enabled as a merge field. 
  4. Specify a Default value for the merge field. The default value is used if a value does not exist for the field in a contact record. 
  5. Specify the format to use for the field. Your choices are Upper Case, Lower Case, or Proper (initial letters are capitalized). 
  6. Click OK. The merge field will display in the document as a shaded box with the field name displayed.