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Staff notifications and email sent to staff
Answer ID 1835   |   Last Review Date 11/19/2019

What are notifications and how do they relate to email sent to staff members?


Staff Notifications and E-mails
Oracle B2C Service


There is a significant difference between Administration Notifications and Administration Emails. Several different types of notifications can be enabled or disabled for use as addressed in the Enabling Email Messages and Notifications section below.

Notifications within the Oracle B2C Service Console

Notifications are sent to staff members within the Oracle B2C Service administrative console and are not automatically sent to staff via email.

  • See instructions below for "Enabling Email Messages and Notifications"
  • Notifications are accessed from the Communication Center by opening the Notifications item. In addition, Personal Settings > Display Toast Notifications box is enabled for the staff member, new notifications pop up briefly and display in the lower right section of the screen. 

Notifications are sent if the person who performs the action is different from the person who receives the notification. That is, if a staff member A assigns an incident to staff member B, then staff member A will not receive the incident reassigned notification. However, if staff member C assigns an incident from staff A to staff B, then staff member A will receive the reassigned notification and staff member B will receive the incident assigned notification.

For notifications regarding records, such as incidents and answers, you can double click on the notification and open the record. If the staff profile allows the record to be edited, it will open in edit mode.

System error notifications cannot be opened by double-clicking. Instead, to view the system errors, use the Error Log, which is accessed from the Configuration > Site Configuration > Logs and then click the Error Log button on the ribbon. For more information on the Error Log, refer to Answer ID 1853: Error Log and System Error notifications.


Notifying Staff by Email

Staff accounts can be configured to receive different types of email notifications and at different frequencies. Administrators can set options when editing the staff account.

  • Staff can enable or disable notifications via Preferences > Personal Settings

Generic email to notify logged out staff: If a staff member is not logged in and the staff account has a valid email address configured, when a notification is sent to the staff member, a generic email is also sent to the staff member's email address. This email is sent if the Send Email Notification option in the staff account's Personal Settings is enabled.

The purpose of this email is to inform the staff member that there is a notification in the Oracle B2C Service application and to provide instructions to log in to the application to view the notification and take appropriate actions regarding the record. The email does not contain detailed information regarding the type of notification or the associated record.

The staff member will receive this email for only the first notification that they receive while logged out. 

Send Email checkbox: If the Send Email checkbox is enabled for a staff member, when the staff member is logged out, they will receive an email version of the first notification they receive while logged out.

The staff member receives a detailed email that includes the type of notification as well as details regarding the record associated with the action, such as a specific incident.

This email allows the staff member to determine the nature of the notification assigned to them. The email is sent only for the first notification that occurs while the staff member is logged out.

Notify Always checkbox: You can also enable the Notify Always check box in the staff account. With the Notify Always feature, an email is sent for every event that triggers a notification, not just the first one. The email is sent for each notification received even if the staff member is logged in. The Notify Always box is grayed out unless you have also selected Send Email.

File menu, Options, Personal Settings, Notification Options section

For additional information regarding email options available when creating/editing a staff account, please see Answer ID 5939: Account Notification Email Options

More information about this dialog can be found in the 'Personal Settings' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently running.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

Enabling Email Messages and Notifications

Messages and notifications can be enabled or disabled under Site Configuration options. 

Message templates are used to easily customize your notifications and emails. 

- From the Configuration menu, select Site Configuration > Message Templates. In the left frame, double click on the interface name.

- From the ribbon, notifications are listed on the Administration Notifications button. These are the notifications that display in the Communication Center.

In addition, there is a separate list of messages that are always sent to staff via email.  These messages are listed on the Administration Emails button and include messages such as the Admin Forward Incident message (which is sent when a staff member clicks Forward for an incident) and the Email Incident Information message (which is sent as a result of an Email Incident action in a business rule).

For more information on enabling and disabling messages and notifications within Oracle B2C Service, refer to Answer 5380: Customizing notifications and email messages sent by Oracle B2C Service.

Notifications between different interfaces

The following example describes a situation where notifications are sent on a site with various interfaces:  Agent A is logged into interface 1 and working with an incident associated to interface 2.  Agent A then assigns that incident to Agent B.  The Assignment notification that Agent B receives will be from the default mailbox of interface 1, because that is the interface the action took place in.

This behavior may affect sites where interfaces are set up for different languages.  If an agent logged into a Spanish interface re-assigns an incident associated to an English interface, the notification received will be in Spanish.