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Reordering incidents on the Organization and Contact records
Answer ID 1676   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Can I reorder the incidents listed in the organization and contact records?


Workspaces, Analytics


Within a contact or organization workspace, you can include the Incident View relationship item to list incidents associated with that contact or organization. The Incidents View relationship item uses a default report to list the incidents along with several columns of information:

  • The Incidents by Contact report (ID 9029) is the default report used in the contact workspace.
  • The Incidents by Organization report (ID 9003) is the default report used in the organization workspace

To customize the incident information in the workspace, you must copy the default report used in that workspace and customize the copied report.  Then, you can update the workspace and change the Report property to use the new, customized report.

For example, to customize the output columns in the contact workspace:

  1. Copy the Incidents by Contact report.
  2. Edit the copy to add or remove output columns and save that report.
  3. Edit the contact workspace(s) and click the Incidents tab in the workspace.
  4. Click the main body of the tab to bring focus to the Incident View relationship item.
  5. Click in the Report property and from the pop-up window, select your customized report.
  6. Click OK and save the workspace.  If you had to copy a standard workspace so that you can edit it, be sure to update the appropriate staff profile to list your new workspace that has the customized report.