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Oracle B2C Support Customer Data Retention Procedures
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The Oracle B2C Support Site ( handles my data, what rights do I have regarding its usage?

Oracle B2C Technical Support does not do any processing of your data for the purposes of tracking or profiling, nor is your data being used as an input into any automated decision making or AI processes.  All customer data in the B2C Support site ( is used solely for the purposes of driving resolution to Service Requests, as well as knowing who to contact in the event of maintenance, announcements or outages.  No data is collected beyond data points necessary for those tasks.
As a customer, you have the following rights over any of your data in the system:
  • Deletion - you may request that your personal data be permanently deleted from the system.  This includes your Right to be Forgotten.
  • Portability - you may request a copy of any personal data being stored in the system
  • Consent - when you create a new account, you will be asked to review and accept the Oracle Terms of Service, including the Oracle Privary Policy.  Your data will not be used in any manner inconsistent with those documents
Should you at any time wish copies of any personal data stored on, or wish to request that any data related to your contact record be deleted, you may submit a service request to Oracle B2C Support Operations