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Incident subject auto-populated if saved with empty subject
Answer ID 12356   |   Last Review Date 08/24/2022

Why is the response text being added to the incident subject?

Oracle B2C Service, Message Templates
Contact email received for an incident response has a subject that is the beginning of the response text or customer entry text.  Sometimes the response is a standard text that has system defined or custom variables with $ that are not converted to values in the Incident Subject.  Additionally, the email the contact receives can have an undesired subject.
Incidents created by agents (using either the .NET agent console or the Browser UI web console) that are using a workspace that does not have the incident subject as a required field (they don't see Subject *) will have the subject created with Response or Customer Entry thread content if either of these types of threads are committed with the initial save action that officially creates the incident in your database.  The subject will be auto-populated with the first 237 characters of the content of the response or customer entry message type (whichever was added first) and will also include an ellipsis (...) as the last 3 characters of the incident subject.  This behavior of auto-populating the incident subject specifically occurs in the following scenarios:
  • Workspace setting for Response option > Commit Response When Incident is Saved is checked
  • Workspace setting for Response option > Commit Response When Incident is Saved is unchecked
    • the Subject is auto-populated only if the response is committed (using Send on Save checkbox in .NET or Send in BUI or Send in .NET) with the first save action.  If response remains as a draft the incident subject remains null.
    • if a Customer Entry is added this would not remain in draft mode and would be committed with a save action and also auto-populate the incident subject.
The incident can be edited to delete the subject, and saved again, but if an email was sent out with the first save action the email received by the contact will have a subject matching the subject that is auto-populated.
The incident subject is auto-populated in some scenarios in an attempt to be consistent with incident and email best practices, see documentation:
"The subject line is the first part of your message that your contacts see, so it must be concise and informative. When responding to an incident, make sure the subject clearly states the topic being discussed. If a contact fails to enter a descriptive and accurate subject, consider modifying it for clarity."