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Configuration Assistant shows a blank page after logging in
Answer ID 11852   |   Last Review Date 03/31/2021

Why do I get a blank page after logging into Configuration Assistant?


Oracle Cloud Portal. Configuration Assistant. Oracle B2C Service. 


For the site list to load in the Configuration Assistant home page, the user must have correct permissions and must be logged into the correct B2C Service data center or "pod". There are a number of reasons the Configuration Assistant shows a blank page or does not show the site list after logging in.

(1) The user is not logged into the correct pod

The Configuration Assistant URL is pod-specific so the user must be logged into the pod where the site is hosted to see the site. When a site is transported to a different data center, the Configuration Assistant URL will change.

To get the correct URL, please log into and scroll down to the section "Configuration Assistant URL by Site".

To bookmark the Configuration Assistant URL, please refer to the answer linked below:

Answer 8748: Bookmarking Configuration Assistant URL

(2) The correct role is not assigned to the login account

To log into Configuration Assistant, the Identity Domain user account needs to have the RightNow Service Administrator role assigned to it. This task needs to be performed by Identity Domain Administrators responsible for creating and managing user accounts for the Identity Domain. 

For instructions please refer to the "Managing User Roles" section of the Oracle Cloud Portal documentation.

(3) Proxy or VPN configuration is incorrect

Proxy or VPN settings may prevent Configuration Assistant from loading correctly. Configuration Assistant users must contact their IT department to address network configuration issues. If network settings appear to be correct and the page is still not loading, please raise a service request to Oracle Technical Support for investigation.