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Adding a Facebook Page for Oracle Messaging
Answer ID 11772   |   Last Review Date 11/24/2020

We are setting up Oracle Messaging and would like to add our Facebook page however it is not appearing in the drop down list in the Oracle Messaging Administration area after logging in. 

Environment: Oracle B2C, Oracle Messaging Admin UI


When accessing the Oracle Messaging Admin UI to add a Facebook channel, you will first need to log in via your Facebook account. 

Once logged into your Facebook account through Oracle Messaging Admin UI, a drop down menu will appear showing the Facebook Page(s) you have administrator permissions on and available for selection.

If a Facebook Page you expect to see in the drop down menu is not showing, please ensure:

1. Your Facebook account has an Admin Page Role set for that page. You can confirm this via Page Settings > Page Roles within your Facebook Page. 

2. The Page visibility must be set to Public. This can be checked at Page Settings > Page Visibility. 

You may need to re-authenticate with your Facebook account in the Oracle Messaging Admin UI after making any of the above changes. 

For additional details on how to add a Facebook Page for Oracle Messaging, please see the following documentation:

Add a Facebook Page to Oracle Messaging