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Import in clickstream reports to monitor customer portal pages for spikes in traffic
Answer ID 11751   |   Last Review Date 11/10/2020

Are there reports available to monitor customer portal pages for spikes in traffic?


All versions


Reports have been generated to monitor the end user pages. To import the reports into the console, use the steps below in the following order:

  1. Create new folder named "Clickstreams"
  2. Import report "Clickstream Actions 100066.xml" and name it "Clickstream Actions - DO NOT RUN"
  3. Save report to "Clickstreams" folder
  4. Import report "By Actions 100065.xml" and name it "By Actions"
  5. Once the report is loaded after being imported, click on "Total" column
  6. In the ribbon bar, click on "Report Linking" and select report "Clickstream Actions - DO NOT RUN"
  7. Click "Next"
  8. For the filters, under the "Use" column, select "Parent Column Value" and under the "Value" column, select "Sessions"
  9. Click "Next" to modify the display of the linked report or click "OK"
  10. Save report to Clickstreams folder
  11. Import report "By IP 100067.xml" and name it "By IP" and repeat steps 5 - 10
  12. Import report "By User Agents 100064.xml" and name it "By Actions" and repeat steps 5 - 10

Things to consider when importing in and using the reports:

  • Reports come as is and Oracle is not responsible for maintaining nor modifying them
  • Reports are not designed for billing purposes
  • When importing in "By IP 100067.xml", should a dialog box show stating to disable scripts, click "No"
  • The clickstreams table can grow very large, and running the reports for a large date range can cause the reports to throw an error due to the number of sessions being put into the "Sessions" filter. Should this occur, modify the date range to be smaller. Depending on the size of the clickstreams table, it might require running the reports using a date range in minutes or even seconds.