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Stop sending the Question Receipt
Answer ID 10361   |   Last Review Date 09/24/2018

How can we exclude some contacts from receiving the Question Receipt?


Message Templates, Business Rules


Business rules can be used to stop sending the 'Question Receipt' message template to some of your customers. This can be achieved by using some conditions to list the contacts you do not want to receive the receipt and add the 'Do not Send Email Receipt Message' action.

Depending on the source of the incident creation, you can configure one or multiple rules.

For example, a rule only for incidents created via e-mail might read:

Incident.Email Header contains OR
Incident.Email Header contains 

Do not Send Email Receipt Message 

Or you could create a single rule for multiple sources (CX Console/End-User pages/Techmail Service Mailbox):

Incident.Source equals CX.Console/End-User pages/Utilities - Techmail Service Mailbox AND
Contact.Email - Primary contains OR
Contact.Email - Primary contains 

Do not Send Email Receipt Message

NOTE: This type of rule should be placed at the top of your business rules in the Initial state because this action is designed for incident create only.