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Regular expression validation in Knowledge Advanced Authoring
Answer ID 10353   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

Why do I receive the error "Input contains invalid characters. Please correct." when trying to save an article in Authoring?

Oracle B2C Service sites using Knowledge Advanced (August 2015 and newer)
When saving a document in Authoring, a message is shown above one or more of the content fields: "Input contains invalid characters. Please correct."
For security purposes, administrators can set a regular expression (regex) for each text attribute on any content type. Any content of that type which is created or updated must validate against the current security regex. In the case of an updated document, this could mean that a previously-saved article will not validate on saving after a change in the regex. Note that changing the regex will not affect existing published documents in that content type; validation only occurs when the article is saved.
The security regex can be viewed or set by navigating to Authoring > Repository > Content Types > List, then the Schema link next to the given content type, and then selecting the specific field's name.
The default values of these regular expressions vary based on the type of field in the schema, but are generally fairly permissive. That is, when using an out-of-the-box regex your articles will generally allow the majority of content. Your business needs may dictate that you customize this to remove some certain characters.
If your authors are reporting that they receive this error, you can use a regex validation tool to help you identify what does not match. Choose "Perl-Compatible" (PCRE) syntax. Then you can either update the regular expression or modify the content so that it will be allowed.